Breakthrough precision CNC drilling technology that machines holes 5x faster without changing your process.

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5X Faster Drilling

Reduce your cycle times. 
Our customers realize 2x to 5x faster cycle times.


10X Tool Life

Drills last longer. 
More efficient lubrication means longer tool life.


Super Easy Install

One hour. 
That's all it takes to install and program your first drill cycle.

TriboMAM Drilling System At A Glance

TriboMAM is a brand new way to drill on center holes on CNC lathes, turning centers, swiss screw machines, and now live machines.  It consists of a drilling actuator that fits in your current tool holding system just like an ER collet extender, and an embedded controller which easily sits on top of your machine.  Gun drilling and deep hole drilling greatly benefit from Modulation Assisted Machining (MAM) as fine chips are created from the highly controlled actuator motion of up to 1,000Hz.


Over 100 TriboMAMs In 15 Countries

Deep Hole Drilling

Whether you are using gun drills or twist drills, our customers see the most dramatic improvements when drilling deep holes with lengths of 10x the hole diameter or longer.


The Biggest Names In Medical, Automotive, Energy

Some of the largest companies in medical, automotive, and energy use TriboMAM to achieve big gains in their manufacturing operations.  Ask them why TriboMAM and they say because it helps them make more money and make the difficult parts in less time.

Eliminate Expensive Cannulated Stock

Long lead times, nearly 10x the cost, and more expensive waste.  Many times the challenge of moving away from cannulated stock is being able to efficiently and reliably drill deep holes... that's where TriboMAM can help.


In The News


Advancing Manufacturing, Tomorrow and Today

For Alphatec Spine, the ability to drill just one additional hole in a polyaxial bone screw reduced the cost of this company’s production process by more than $1,000 dollars per day. To be fair, this was a particularly challenging hole.


M4 Sciences Awarded R&D 100 Most Innovative Technologies

Widely recognized as the “Oscars of Invention”, the R&D 100 Awards identify and celebrate the top technology products of the year which demonstrate significant breakthroughs in technology.


New Technology Provides Faster Drilling in Live Machines

M4 Sciences LLC has delivered a new 'Live' TriboMAM® drilling system using Modulation-Assisted Machining (MAM)® technology.  With the introduction of TriboMAM Live the MAM technology can now be used on drilling machines with rotating tools (referred to as "live" tools) that serve a key role in global medical, automotive, and energy manufacturing sectors.